Stephanie Clarke

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I am a writer and editor in Clermont, Florida, with over ten years of experience within the writing and editing industry. 

Originally a writer within the field of mental health stemming from my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I have expanded to various subjects of interest over the years. I also provides ghostwriting and editing to other authors who require her services.

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Why blog?

Blogging is essential to promotion.

Blogs are a personal webpage which often displays opinions and links to other pages. The difference between blogs and articles can be described in two ways; opinions and word-count.

Blogs, while they can strive to be factual, often focus more on a person’s opinion of a subject or event, whereas articles should have appropriate citing of facts. The other difference is in a blog’s word-count, which usually is not a factor as space is rarely a problem, as opposed to articles.

Whether you have an opinion piece or a blog dedicated to factual information our writers have the knowledge and experience of writing thousands of blogs. What sets Essentially Books and my blogging talents apart from others is our vast array of knowledge with experience in your subject.

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I'm happy to help with any of your blogging needs. Just contact me for more information. If I can't help you, I can find someone who can.

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