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editor | indexer | proofreader | social media strategist | transcriptionist 

After nearly 15 years of commuting doing a variety of office administrative duties, I struck out on my own . I decided it was time to take my accumulated experience and expertise, and put extra effort into doing what I'd always wanted to do–writing and editing, as well as transcription.

I began with DarsCorrections.com and from there became a successful global entrepreneur using my talents working remotely from my home in Canada. My virtual network increased and I realized there was a real market not only for virtual office jobs, writing, and editing, but following through on book production and promotion for a growing publishing industry.

Pooling my professional contacts, I created a top-notch team of experts in their respective fields and Essentially Books was born. Here at Essentially Books, our team members provide our clients with expert assistance in all aspects of the written word–from virtual office help, translation, transcription, to editing manuscripts, formatting books, publishing, cover art, graphic arts, websites, to book promotions with tours, social media management, and much, much more.

I not only edit and promote books, I write them. My first book of fiction was Inner Sanctum, amazing dystopian novel that will make you reach deep and reconnect with hope. My second was Voices of Angels, a heart-wrenching story about what happens when God shifts our path in ways we could never have imagined. My next novel in-work is Inner Sanctum 2 - Disunification, so stay tuned!

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Miy is a home-based business in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, (Niagara Region).


Books I've Edited

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a few clients I've worked with

P. I. Barrington, author Isadora Daystar, The Brede Chronicles 
Alex Bon, CFO & Director of Finance, TML & UHN Labs
Joan De la Haye Duponsel, Co-Founder, Rebel ePublishing, South Africa
Dr. Vanessa S. O'Neal Author of Grant Me The Money! The Practical Guide To Successful Grant Writing Practice and founder of Families 4 Life, Inc.
Edward Diez, Author
Senator (Dr.) Wilbert Keon, Retired Cardiac Surgeon and Co-Founder of the Ottawa Hospital Heart Institute
David Roberts, Content Support Services Manager, Archipelago Learning, LLC
Peter Red, author Julia, Venture Capital
Norm Grant, author You Want Me to … What?
Joy Harris, author, Authentic Joy
Henry K. Ripplinger, author Pewter Angels
Praanav R Lal, author Scrambled Eggs

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INNER SANCTUM by Darlene Oakley
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