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Content Creation

The fanciest website in the world won’t matter a hill of beans if you don’t have stellar content that is SEO-savvy to bring in the traffic.  Your content has to be well-written, thoughtful, educated, and easy to read – and it has to be there consistently.  We’ll put together a content strategy with you that covers blogs, special social media posts, and any other kind of public-facing word-smithing you might need to get your company noticed in all the right ways.

About me

D. G. Swain

For Essentially Books, I provide your promotional blogging needs. Blogging is more than just making a post on your own blog. Blogging can include others' blogs and websites as well. Blog tours are popular and effective methods to draw in readers for your own work and build an audience even before your book is published!

In addition to blogging, I write for a number of audiences.  Science fiction is my deepest love, but I also do a brisk trade in non-fiction pieces examining the finer clockwork of relationships, particularly in the context of autism and ADD.  Many of my characters would be considered “special needs” in a number of ways, but their stories are still human – and stories that need to be told.

Email me here.  Look up my work on Inkitt (under D.G. Swain) and Patreon (under DegeSwain).  I even tweet sometimes, under @degeswain.

Also, you can find my author page here on GoodReads.

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