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You’ve put a lot of time and effort and resources into writing your book and having it edited into the best it can be. Many authors don’t realize that promoting and marketing their book takes just as much time and effort and dedication — if not more — as creating the book in the first place.

Most traditional publishers require that authors submit a marketing proposal/plan with their book submission. They want to know that, if they’re going to put their name and money and resources into producing your book, you’re also dedicated to making your book a success.

Most authors know that being active on social media is critical to their book marketing success.

Both new and experienced authors usually fall into one of three social media categories:

  • No-clue Newbie: Someone who knows they need to be on social media, but really has no idea what each social media tool is let alone how to set up an account and use it to market a book.
  • Wondering Minstrel: Someone who is on social media already, but really doesn’t know how to use what they have to build a loyal readership, and drive potential readers to buy their book.
  • Foundational Socialite: Someone who already has a following on social media, but really needs a plan that incorporates all their social media efforts that will also boost their search engine results.

In all of these categories, it’s been my experience that authors are further divided into: 1) Those who want to manage their own accounts; and, 2) those who want someone else to do the managing for them.

Essentially Books can connect you with people experienced in social media management, who can not only develop a personalized strategy specifically for your project, but will also manage everything about your social media profiles and engagement. So many authors find the whole social media-sphere intimidating, overwhelming and stressful. We don’t want you to miss out on the value that social media adds to your overall book marketing.

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