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Our world has very much become a “visual” world.

Studies have shown that using graphic posts in social media increases interaction by 85% on Facebook and retweets by 35%. These graphic posts can be

  • Quotes from your book,
  • Inspirational sayings (either you or someone else),
  • Infographics,
  • Promotions,
  • and much more!

What’s also important in terms of an overall marketing platform is a “brand.” A brand is not just a logo. It also involves an overall color scheme. It’s important to use these components on all your website/social media places. This does two main things. One, it ensures that when users interact with you on social media and they arrive on your side, they know right away they’re in the right place because you use the same color scheme and logo. Two, it increases Google’s awareness of you because you present the same message in several different places.

As authors, we also need great cover graphics for books. We’d like to think we all live by the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” — but the truth is, we do. An amateurish cover will make it extremely difficult to successfully market a book. It’ll help your book stand out from the other books, all right, in that people will simply move on to a book with a cover that grabs them, not makes them go, “Eww!” A great book cover can be the basis for the overall logo and branding color scheme.

It’s important to hire a professional. It’s important to hire someone who can create a visual profile for your book and you. It’s important to have someone who will listen to what you want, but also has the expertise to know what’s going to attract potential readers to your book.

We have a few of those in our network, too…

Catherine Howlett (book covers, logos, letterhead, one sheets)

Judith Nicolas (book covers, one sheets) –

Social Media Graphic Posts – Email Darlene

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