Book Covers & Graphics

If you want your book or social media campaign to stand out from all the rest, you need to invest in a professionally designed cover, and graphic designs that are consistent with your brand. The graphics you choose to represent your book are going to make the difference between whether someone decides to purchase your book, or go on to the next one.

While we pride ourselves on being an open and accepting society, not judging things by their appearances, the reality is that we do. We’ve all seen some pretty disastrous covers.

We don’t want any disasters for you.

The visuals created for your cover also form the basis for the brand around your book and create a consistent color scheme across your social media platforms and website — making a bigger visual impact with your potential audience. An impact that says, “I’m serious about putting out a good product, and providing my readers with the best reading experience possible.” (And, yes, that reading experience needs good graphics.)

Catherine Howlett – Book covers / graphics / branding

Judith S. Nicolas (– Book covers / graphics / branding


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