About Us

Essentially Books is the brainchild of Darlene Oakley. After nearly 15 years of commuting doing a variety of office administrative duties, Darlene struck out on her own. She decided it was time to take her accumulated experience and expertise, and put extra effort into doing what she’d always wanted to do–writing and editing, as well as transcription.

Darlene began with DarsCorrections.com and from there became a successful global entrepreneur using her talents working remotely from home in Canada. Her virtual network increased and she realized there was a real market not only for virtual office jobs, writing, and editing, but following through on book production and promotion for a growing publishing industry.

Pooling her professional contacts, Darlene created a top-notch team of experts in their respective fields and Essentially Books was born. Here at Essentially Books, our team members provide our clients with expert assistance in all aspects of the written word — from virtual office help, translation, and transcription, to editing manuscripts, formatting books, publishing, cover art, graphic arts, website development, to book promotion including tours, social media management, and much, much more.

Check out our brief bios under Our Team to see who can help you best or if you are unsure or just have general questions, write us at info@essentiallybooks.ca.

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